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Fall 2018 Team

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The team is made of volunteers from the upstream segment of oil and gas industry.  They are all passionate about the oil industry and know the importance for the industry of retaining experience and expertise. History has shown that with each downturn the industry has lost experienced professionals and this has hurt it. The long downturn the industry has experienced since the end of 2014 is risking the industry to suffer from the loss of experience and expertise.

Experience and expertise help to find new oil and gas, help to develop projects efficiently, economically and safely, help to avoid mistakes, and to teach junior professionals. Experience and expertise help to develop new technology and to think of better and safer processes. In other words, the industry and the whole community benefit by retaining experienced professionals. For this reason, since April 2018, the team has spend innumerable number of hours working in the coordination and implementation of the hiring event for experienced upstream professionals.


Fall 2018 Co-Chairs:

Isolda Griffiths

Isolda is a petroleum economics evaluation engineer.  She holds a bachellors degree in geophysics from Argentina, an MS in petroleum engineering and an MA in energy economics both from the University of Texas at Austin. Her multidisciplinary background has helped her to better communicate and work in diverse teams and to understand, identify and quantify risks and opportunities from a holistic point of view. She has been involved in the economics, decision and risk analysis of multi-billion dollar projects in GoM deepwater, US onshore and internationally. Her knowledge, creative and out of the box thinking have helped her in the creation of user-friendly processes for economic evaluations, economics assurance reviews and the economic side of the reserves booking.  Isolda has worked for APC, SLB, Shell and BHP.

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer holds a bachelors degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University. Her experience in the oil and gas industry started with Chesapeake Energy as a Barnett Shale production engineer working with 42 drilling rigs. Her interest in data analysis began after she put together a data study to discover an optimal time to run tubing in a new well. Most recently, Jennifer has worked on the start up of a CO2 field and recycle facility for Tabula Rasa Energy all the while organizing well data and financial process optimization. Jennifer’s multifaceted experience has exposed her to several programming languages, software, and disciplines within the industry. She is a passionate engineer who is good at framing end goal objectives and working with her teammates to accomplish those goals.

Fall 2018 Team:

Susan Howes, PE, PHR

Susan is Vice President of Engineering at Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC, where she maintains technical quality standards for consultancy, recruitment and training services. She began her career with Anadarko, with engineering positions of increasing responsibility in Denver and Houston. In 2007, she joined Chevron as Horizons Program Manager and later moved into Reservoir Management.  Susan has coauthored articles on ethics, uncertainty management, risk management, and talent. She is a recipient of the SPE DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal and is an SPE Honorary Member. Susan holds a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas.

Steve Marymee

Steve is a Mechanical Engineer with experience in the engineering design of production facilities and pipeline stations, ranging from offshore topsides to unconventional. His creative thinking and attention to details have enabled him to prevent several flawed designs from entering service, and satisfy the requirements of multiple departments and clients. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and is certified as an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) in the State of Texas. Steve is an active member of both the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Petroleum Engineers, serving on committees in each organization. He is passionate about oil and gas, and is known for his dedication and loyalty.

Darrell Howard

Darrell is an experienced leader in developing and delivering value-added applications, services and solutions across the E&P sector. He has a track record of exceptional performance in domestic and international assignments and has served in key positions ranging from Drilling Engineer to Global Business Unit President. His passion for safety, delivery and integrity is reflected in all aspects of his career. Darrell has delivered major projects and held CAPEX responsibility for over $1 billion. He is considered to be an industry authority in the Drilling industry with a proven ability to understand financials and make sound decisions.  Darrell is a strong communicator and his business experience and expertise includes: Executive Leadership, Board Representation, Project Management, Technology Management, Asset Management from Field Development to Abandonment, and Wells Delivery (onshore, offshore, HPHT, remote locations operations).

Anglia Sweet

Anglia is an expert Deepwater subsalt geoscientist focused on both Domestic GOM and international exploration and is currently seeking her next professional challenge.  Her technical experience includes petroleum system framework study, prospect generation, multi-attribute analysis, AI, AVO and risk & resource assessment. Her passion in seismic interpretation embraces integrating geologic models and data in areas with poor seismic illumination under salt bodies. Having worked for both American and European oil companies, she has successfully discovered and/or developed over 500 million BOEs core assets in the Gulf of Mexico, identified over two billion BOE of pre-salt prospects in Deepwater West Africa and is currently working at a private US Exploration company with emphasis on near field exploration/development for on-shore and Shelf fields GOM. Anglia holds a B.S. in Geology from Thailand and an M.S. in Geological Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.

Stephen Levy

Stephen has worked in seismic acquisition, data processing, and exploration interpretation on his 30-year career. He has interpreted major deepwater discoveries including Vito in the GOM and Block BM-ES-23 in Brazil. His interests include geologic interpretation and prospect generation, attribute analysis and spectral decomposition for hydrocarbon detection, and development and interpretation of detailed seismic velocity volumes for applications in imaging, pore-pressure modeling, and confirmation of DHI indicators. He holds a B.S. degree in Geology, a M.S. in geophysics, and a M.B.A. Stephen has taken multiple graduate level geoscience classes since 2008 while working full-time in Houston. His background and creativity have enabled him to enjoy a successful career in hydrocarbon exploration.

Dalian Payne

Dal Payne is a Senior Reservoir Engineer Advisor who has been responsible for diverse developments across North America. He has held positions of increasing responsibility with major operators including Chevron and Chevron Oil Field Research, Oxy and Devon. His areas of expertise include waterflood/enhanced recovery, economics and risk analysis and reservoir characterization.  Dal has lead developments in both conventional and unconventional basins including exploration advisement of significance in areas including Permian Basin, Rocky Mountains and Alaska North Slope. In his upstream research position, he co-authored and presented his work applying advanced reservoir characterization with miscible recovery simulation at the Second International Reservoir Characterization Conference.  Dal holds a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University where he was a member of Pi Epsilon Tau Honor Society.

Farnaz Zarian

Farnaz Zarian is a reservoir engineer. She holds BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering as well as an MS in petroleum engineering from the University of Southern California. Farnaz started her upstream career with Chevron as a reservoir and production engineer, developing her skills from initial opportunity identification to field development in order to capture new reserves. She has extensive experience in secondary and tertiary recovery methods to identify candidate target fields for IOR/EOR and drive business performance. While at Chevron, she worked on multi-million dollar projects in the Permian, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Argentina, North Sea and Indonesia and managed several projects where she built consensus across multidisciplinary teams for technical analysis and execution.

Pat Chia

Patricia has diverse work experience. She has proven record to reduce cost for company, and she enjoys working with cross functional teams. She is interested in putting her experience and skill sets in areas related to project management and or supply chain for your organization.

Carlos A. Salamanca

Carlos earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and received an MBA from the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. Carlos holds a PMP certificate from PMI, and an EIT certificate from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. He has held several positions through different oil and gas projects. He has been working with oil companies in Latin America with focus on Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Carlos is the current South Texas Section – American Institute of Chemical Engineers (STS-AIChE) Chair, and previous Treasurer. He also has represented AIChE with the Offshore Technology Conference events including OTC Houston, Arctic Technology Conference, OTC Brasil, and OTC Asia in different roles. Carlos is active with Toastmasters, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Marc Fagelman

Marc has 14 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry working across the lubricants business, corporate functions and projects & technology. Most recently, as a Development Planner he has spent the last six years developing his skills building economic forecast models which integrate cost, schedule and production for field development plans and run sensitivity analysis to understand and identify value drivers to enhance project returns. Marc provides support for pre-investment projects for both on shore and offshore developments – from initial project framing through group investment proposal for exploration wells and yearly business planning cycle. He has received several departmental awards for his ability to delivering project evaluations that led to supporting winning acquisitions. He is passionate about safety and ways to protect and improve the environment.

Brian Green

Brian is a Senior Reservoir Engineer with field development and production optimization experience on domestic and international major capital projects. With a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering and undergraduate degrees in Analytical chemistry from Curtin University in Western Australia, specific areas of experience include exploration, appraisal and operation of Deepwater subsea, waterflood, integrated LNG, and onshore conventional developments. He has a great interest in unconventional basin development, data analytics and statistical learning, emerging technology trends and renewable synergies. Open minded and social, Brian works well with integrated multi-functional teams and has often acted as project technical lead, mentor and trainer in a number of formal or informal roles. Brian is a devoted husband and father of two.

Ben Anunne

Ben is academically a geologist and professionally a senior imaging geophysicist with diverse experience in seismic data processing, depth imaging and seismic interpretation, of marine and land data across mainly West Africa and Gulf of Mexico. Currently he is open to opportunities in this domain or entry level opportunities in prospect evaluation, field development, operations geology / geophysics or data analytics.  Ben is actively engaged in geosciences and digital transformation self-development efforts.

Andrés Landa

Ciprian Soldan

Germain Johnson

Howard Gee

Yetunde Okediji


Fall 2018 -Collaborating Organizations

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Collaborating Organizations

Professional organizations provide value to their members by collaborating and publicizing the Hiring Event. Members of these collaborating organizations can attend the hiring event.

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Fall 2018 Speakers’ Panel

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Fall 2018 SPE-GCS Hiring Event – Panel Discussion

A panel discussion will be held before the job fair and seating will be limited to the first people who register. We have invited a diverse group of experienced recruiters who will share their knowledge and experience with us in a open panel Q/A session.

Bob Henkel:

Bob Henkel_Saudi Aramco

Bob J Henkel Sr is a Senior Staffing Consultant at Aramco Services Company recruiting highly talented professionals for Saudi Aramco. He has been working for Aramco for 10+ years. Prior to Aramco Bob worked as a Senior Financial Planner Analyst at The Vanguard Group, traveling around the country teaching Financial Planning Concepts.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and also holds designations as a Certified Financial Planner™, a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist, a Retirement Planning Associate and the recruiting designations of ACIR, CSSR, CIR and the PRC.

Bob is happily married to his beautiful wife Dana for over 32 years and together they have a 30 year old son, Bobby and a 28 year old daughter Jennifer. Bob is also an Ordained Deacon in the Catholic Church

Cecilia Rose:

Cecilia Rose

A passionate thought leader, Cecilia Rose is a recognized authority on leadership, organizational change, and personal and professional transformation based on twenty-five years of coaching and speaking to thousands of senior-level leaders and emerging leaders in Global Fortune 500 companies. She is an MCC, Master Certified Coach, only 4% of coaches worldwide hold this esteemed designation.

Dynamic and powerfully engaging, Cecilia accelerates the epiphany process and turns a presentation into an experiential event. Whether she is keynoting an international event or conducting a local retreat, she ignites a leader’s inner-self and maximizes their talents, leading to “game-changing” outcomes that they can leverage in their business and personal lives.

She is president of Next Door Strategies, where she deftly creates the space and the place for clients and audiences to move from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.

She is known for having tremendous insights into the psyche of success and the challenges of failure, she understands the psychology of leadership and what it takes to achieve it. Her future-focused approach marries her rare blend of coaching and extensive knowledge with her uncanny ability of spotting behavioral traits that drive professional success.

Abhijeet Narvekar:

Abhijeet Narvekar

Abhijeet Narvekar has experience in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry with companies like Schlumberger, Petris and has worked in various roles, gaining invaluable domain expertise.

In 2010, he founded The FerVID Group, which incorporated a novel idea of expert-led recruiting, which is a seismic shift in the way recruiting is done. In his current role leading The FerVID Group, Abhijeet draws on his domain insights, and keen entrepreneurial acumen to execute innovative approaches for talent acquisition, upstream consulting and Big Data in HR. The name ‘Fervid’ is a derivation from fervor -meaning passion and enthusiasm, which is one of the core values of the company.

Abhijeet was a speaker at the SPE MIT June 2017 event and speaker/employer at the SPE October 2017 Upstream Professionals Hiring Event.

Veronica Reyes:

Veronica Reyes

Veronica Reyes, brings a unique combination of more than 20 years experience in technical service and staffing services.  Her knowledge and skills in screening, recruitment, employment, and customer service have consistently placed her in high demand with employers. With degrees in Social Science and Humanities, she has served the business and workforce communities as a leader in social media and recruitment.  She has assisted the Houston – Galveston area Council and local colleges on Industry specific training projects, and has educated employers and groups with the knowledge of how to re-brand their skills to transition into other occupations and industries.

Nationally recognized for her initiative use of social media and in setting new trends in workforce development.

  • Awarded a Resolution by Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership for the work in transitioning thousands impacted in the community with reduction in force.
  • Recognized by Houston-Galveston Area Council and Workforce Solutions as leading social media branding to successfully market to employers globally to place those laid off.
  • Recognized by NASA for providing transitioning services to those affected by the end of the Shuttle Program

Spring 2019 Hiring Event – General Information

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logo_1_hiring event_Spring_2019

The SPE – GCS invites you to participate in the 5th edition of the “Upstream Oil & Gas Professionals Hiring Event,” March 26th, 2019 at Trini Mendenhall Center.

Following the success of the inaugural event in March 2017, we continue to provide a platform connecting experienced job seekers with upstream oil and gas companies to fill open positions. This is also a platform to help the industry retain qualified and experienced professionals, preventing losing them during the industry’s hard times. The SPE is partnering with other organizations to make the event a mirror of the oil industry. Thus, all upstream disciplines are invited to participate in the event.

We will have a great food-truck, El Topo, on site. Thus, job-seekers, employers and volunteers can grab some delicious food besides professional networking and career planning!

Link to Chris Tomlinson’s Article in the Houston Chronicle, 10/1/2018



Employers, please check here.

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Brief Summary of Data Science

From Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences to Data Science




Ramesh Anand’s Video on Job-hunting Suggestions:




Past Events

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Past events like the March 2018 event saw a total participation of 21 Hiring Companies, 16 Collaborating Professional Organizations, 1 Media Partner and 3 Sponsors.

Job seekers final count is 307 people.

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding the next SPE-GCS Upstream Professionals Hiring Event. 

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