Fall 2018 Speakers’ Panel

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Fall 2018 SPE-GCS Hiring Event – Panel Discussion

A panel discussion will be held before the job fair and seating will be limited to the first people who register. We have invited a diverse group of experienced recruiters who will share their knowledge and experience with us in a open panel Q/A session.

Bob Henkel:

Bob Henkel_Saudi Aramco

Bob J Henkel Sr is a Senior Staffing Consultant at Aramco Services Company recruiting highly talented professionals for Saudi Aramco. He has been working for Aramco for 10+ years. Prior to Aramco Bob worked as a Senior Financial Planner Analyst at The Vanguard Group, traveling around the country teaching Financial Planning Concepts.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and also holds designations as a Certified Financial Planner™, a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist, a Retirement Planning Associate and the recruiting designations of ACIR, CSSR, CIR and the PRC.

Bob is happily married to his beautiful wife Dana for over 32 years and together they have a 30 year old son, Bobby and a 28 year old daughter Jennifer. Bob is also an Ordained Deacon in the Catholic Church

Cecilia Rose:

Cecilia Rose

A passionate thought leader, Cecilia Rose is a recognized authority on leadership, organizational change, and personal and professional transformation based on twenty-five years of coaching and speaking to thousands of senior-level leaders and emerging leaders in Global Fortune 500 companies. She is an MCC, Master Certified Coach, only 4% of coaches worldwide hold this esteemed designation.

Dynamic and powerfully engaging, Cecilia accelerates the epiphany process and turns a presentation into an experiential event. Whether she is keynoting an international event or conducting a local retreat, she ignites a leader’s inner-self and maximizes their talents, leading to “game-changing” outcomes that they can leverage in their business and personal lives.

She is president of Next Door Strategies, where she deftly creates the space and the place for clients and audiences to move from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.

She is known for having tremendous insights into the psyche of success and the challenges of failure, she understands the psychology of leadership and what it takes to achieve it. Her future-focused approach marries her rare blend of coaching and extensive knowledge with her uncanny ability of spotting behavioral traits that drive professional success.

Abhijeet Narvekar:

Abhijeet Narvekar

Abhijeet Narvekar has experience in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry with companies like Schlumberger, Petris and has worked in various roles, gaining invaluable domain expertise.

In 2010, he founded The FerVID Group, which incorporated a novel idea of expert-led recruiting, which is a seismic shift in the way recruiting is done. In his current role leading The FerVID Group, Abhijeet draws on his domain insights, and keen entrepreneurial acumen to execute innovative approaches for talent acquisition, upstream consulting and Big Data in HR. The name ‘Fervid’ is a derivation from fervor -meaning passion and enthusiasm, which is one of the core values of the company.

Abhijeet was a speaker at the SPE MIT June 2017 event and speaker/employer at the SPE October 2017 Upstream Professionals Hiring Event.

Veronica Reyes:

Veronica Reyes

Veronica Reyes, brings a unique combination of more than 20 years experience in technical service and staffing services.  Her knowledge and skills in screening, recruitment, employment, and customer service have consistently placed her in high demand with employers. With degrees in Social Science and Humanities, she has served the business and workforce communities as a leader in social media and recruitment.  She has assisted the Houston – Galveston area Council and local colleges on Industry specific training projects, and has educated employers and groups with the knowledge of how to re-brand their skills to transition into other occupations and industries.

Nationally recognized for her initiative use of social media and in setting new trends in workforce development.

  • Awarded a Resolution by Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership for the work in transitioning thousands impacted in the community with reduction in force.
  • Recognized by Houston-Galveston Area Council and Workforce Solutions as leading social media branding to successfully market to employers globally to place those laid off.
  • Recognized by NASA for providing transitioning services to those affected by the end of the Shuttle Program

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