Employers / Recruiters

This is an excellent platform to meet experienced professionals in person, talk about potential openings and network. This platform is also intended to help the industry retain expertise by meeting and hiring highly qualified experienced professionals.

Hundreds of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the upstream oil and gas industry, who are members of professional organizations, are expected to attend.

The participating company will have a booth at the event and early access to the participating experienced professionals’ digital CVs. Delicious lunch from food-truck El Topo and snacks will be provided.

Click here to register.  (Note: you will be requested to login on the next page; please create an account if necessary.  This is to ensure your company’s security.)

General Guidance

  • Business engagement in the oil and gas upstream sector.
  • Have open positions -contract and/or full-time- available at the time of the hiring event or in the near future.
  • The open positions should be in the areas of the collaborating oil and gas organization (upstream oil and gas).

Registration Fees 

Fees are scaled to the number of employees.

  • less than 50 = $100
  • between 51-1000 = $500
  • greater than 1000 = $1000

Please register here.

Note: The exhibition space in the Trini Mendenhall Community Center is limited. Companies with direct hire full-time job openings will get first priority for booth allocation.  If your company would like to participate in the event but does not have any full-time open positions, or you are a staffing agency, a placement firm for contractors, or recruiter, please email us to confirm space availability or any further questions.