Event Questions 

Q. What is the format of this event?
A. Job seekers will stand in line at each booth for a 3-minute conversation with each employer representative between 10am and 2pm. Each employer may bring up to 10 representatives. Speakers will be presenting in an adjacent room at periodic intervals.

Q. How many job seekers are expected?
Registration for job seekers is capped at 400 due to venue capacity.

Q: Is this event only for SPE members?
A: NO. This event is for job seekers who are members of the Collaborating Professional Organizations listed here. When registering, job seekers are requested to indicate the collaborating organizations they hold current professional membership. If a job seeker is a professional member of more than one organization, they are directed to Ctrl+Click to select more than one collaborating organization

Employer and Sponsor Questions 

Q: What will the employer and sponsor fees be used for?
A: Employer registration fees and Sponsorships will be used to defray expenses including security, signs and banners, printing, office supplies, and refreshments. Any surplus proceeds will go to the SPE-GCS scholarship fund, which has provided college scholarships to Houston-area high school seniors since 1963. SPE-GCS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Q: Will there be booth assistance available?
A: Yes, if you are short of personnel at your table, volunteers will be available to fill in if you need to be away for a short period.

Q. Will we have an employers and sponsors’ lunch room?
A. Yes. Please ask a volunteers about the lunch room the day of the event. This room will be shared with volunteers, sponsors and attending collaborating organizations.  

Q. Will we have an employers’ room with refreshments?
A. Refreshments will be available in the kitchen and volunteers will be periodically checking with you if you need any refreshments or other services. 

Q: How will you advertise the event to job seekers?
A: We will use a similar approach to the March 2017 Hiring Event, for which SPE collaborated with several other upstream oil and gas professional organizations, including: AADE, AAPG, AIChE, GSH, HAPL, HGS, PinkPetro, SEG, SPWLA and SWE. 

Q. What else do we need to know before the event?
A. You may opt to preview the resumes via one of these methods:
– Dropbox
– ftp site
– hard copy via US mail
Not all of the job seekers will provide their resumes in advance. The resume package will include those from additional job seekers who register after the event filled to capacity. We will ask the job seekers to bring additional copies of their resumes to the event.

Booth Logistics: Employers, and Attending Sponsors and Collaborating Organizations

Q. What is the standard set-up for a booth?
A. You will have a single table 6′ x3′ and two chairs.

Q. Can we bring signage? If so, what should the dimensions be?
A. Yes, you may bring signage. It should be similar to the table size of 6ftx3ft. We will provide a small tent card marking your table with your company name.

Q. Do I have to bring the company’s banner, information material, giveaways or can I mail them before the event?
A: The Trini-Mendenhall center does not receive shipments. Thus, bring the company’s material the day of the event to the Trini-Mendenhall center.

Q. What time do we need to come to prepare the booth?
A. Employers may set up their booths between 7:30 and 9:30am. Doors open for volunteers at 7:30am and for job seekers at 10am.

Q: Will there be access to the Internet?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be access to power?
A: Yes, we will have a few extension cords, but plan to bring one if you need to be assured of power for your booth.

Q. Will we have help setting up our employer booth?
A. Yes, dedicated volunteers will be available to help set up your booth and take it down as well.

Event Parking 

Q: Where do I park for this event? 
A: You can use the Trini-Mendenhall and the Kroger’s parking lots. However, do not use the church’s parking lot (church behind the Trini-Mendenhall’s center). See map with allowed parking in yellow: